Welcome to OTR Homegrown

Pleasantly Rooted between Liberty & Green
~ OTR Homegrown is an organic urban farm, which cultivates ecological stewardship and social welfare through sustainable practice. OTR Homegrown works to provide local access to healthy, local foods for the Greater Cincinnati area.

It is our mission to provide education on healthy, sustainable living through community involvement and investment, strengthen the community through partnership, and foster good citizenship and inter-group tolerance.


  • 2009 – Established high-producing urban farm (760sq.ft. raised beds) on Walnut St., increasing community access to healthy local food.
  • 100% local and recycled material for farm construction
  • Operated with $0 budget
  • 100% of produce donated directly to community members
  • Established 2 high-producing, for-profit urban farms on Pleasant St.
  • Increase supply of local produce to meet market demand
  • Practice sustainable, organic, non-traditional urban farming techniques
  • Identify comprehensive network of stakeholders to strengthen systemic relationships within Cincinnati’s bio-region