Organic Heirloom Plant Sale

Organic Heirloom Tomato Sale
SATURDAY @Park + Vine
1202 Main Street Cincinnati Ohio 45202

Friends–if you want tomatoes…we got them. We’ve spent countless hours in our OTR grow room watering, pruning, and saying sweet nothings to these fabulous plants. Promised to give you bountiful and delicious tomatoes.
Join us on Saturday to pick yours up and be sure to check out Park+Vine’s awesome garden room.
Tomato Sale Cincinnati OH
Members of OTR Homegrown will be on hand to discuss the glorious modern tomato. Topics will include:
What are Heirloom Varieties and how do they differ from non-heirloom, hybrid, and open-pollinated varieties.
How to Transplant a Tomato.
How to save the seeds of a tomato for next year.
How to Water a tomato.
And tricks to tying up a tomato.

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