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Organic Weed Killer: Does It Exist?

We are looking for a good Organic Weed Killer to stave off the early composting of our streets, sidewalks and buildings to the effects of weeds.  Our urban area has weeds growing out of every crack in the street.  And while I’m grateful that one day when we humans are gone Mother Earth will break up the concrete and compost everything, but for as long as we are here I need a good Organic Weed Killer to stave off the powerful effects of entropy on our streets, sidewalks and buildings.


  • Grow in cracks in the sidewalk helping to push the cracks apart, increasing the breakdown of the concrete.
  • Look like no one cares
  • Break up the Foundation of Houses and Causes Cracks in the Foundation between the sidewalk allowing water into the basement of buildings.
  • Weeds grow up the brick buildings that eventually break up the roof, grows into shingles, and like everything else will eventually destroy the building.
  • Weeds can be poisonous like Poison Ivy and Poison Oak.
  • Weeds hide things like knives, needles, and broken glass


There are weeds growing out of every crack in the sidewalks and at the base of all of the houses in OTR on Pleasant St.  We have labored many hours pulling these weeds and tried many approaches to fighting them en masse to no avail.  One Person can not pull them all.  Most people rent their places in Over The Rhine so it is not there job to weed in front; other buildings have been abandoned a long time ago.

We have tried to pull them, we even tried to Burn Them using a torch attached to a propane tank designed for this.  Burning worked to kill the plants but then it left the plant in the street standing but now dead and brown instead of green.  This worked to stop the plant but did not make the street look good.  Instead the street had dead weeds growing out of every crack in the street which still needed to be pulled.

Does anyone have Real Success with Vinegar?  Or have tried sodium solutions?

Does anyone have any Real Success with an organic product that I can apply to several blocks without contaminating the water supply and:

Is Safe for animals that may try to eat the plant while it is applied,

Will break down quickly,

Will not harm the applicator,

Will not harm anyone who touches it (urban area).

 We would like to know.  Please use the comment section below declare your best organic method to kill weeds.
In the Mean time we have to round up a bunch of folks and pull them out.  If we can get about 7 people we can pull them all up in about an hour or two.
Are You In?



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