Pleasant st Pick Up

The Pleasant Street Pickup!

Hey engaged people who care, who shine light, who give a darn if a child falls on glass and gets cut or if someone rolls over glass and pops their tire; this message is for you.

What: The Pleasant St. Pick Up

Where: Pleasant St. Between Liberty + Green

When: Saturday March 1st 10:00 AM

What to Bring:  Gloves, Hat, Long Pants, Long Sleeves, Clothes that can get dirty, Boots or strong shoes if your have them, Trash pick up tools if your have them, strong garbage bags, rakes. water, and smiles.

OTR Homegrown is one of the only tenants on Pleasant St between Liberty and Green in Over The Rhine.  Because very few people live on the street our block becomes trashed on a regular basis.  We spend a lot of time cleaning the street but over the Winter when we were not there the street accumulated OTRash!   This is just one block South of Findlay Market; many people bring their children down our street on their way to the Market.

This clean up is not for the faint of heart.  It is really bad.  There is a lot of broken glass and bottles angled in the dirt, and trash and clothes scattered throughout the block.

We care about our block, the kids that play on the street could get hurt or stuck with a needle.  We care about our community, if people are going to fix the houses then we do not want them seeing the street trashed like this.

We care about the people in our community, people coming into the neighborhood to spend money create jobs and support locally owned businesses.  People do not come into trashed neighborhoods.

Come Together.


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