Redtail Hawk

Red-Shouldered Hawks in Cincinnati

The most common Hawk in the U.S.

The Red-Shouldered Hawk (corrected) lives in Cincinnati.  Often you can spot them on top of light posts along highways, or hear their screeches while walking in neighborhoods, although Mockingbirds make a pretty convincing hawk sound.
Redtail Hawk

In urban regions, small wooded areas serve as breeding habitats for our native bird populations to prosper.  Green spaces such as watersheds, waterways, parks, wooded lots, State parks, bird sanctuaries, and nature preserves act as breeding grounds and space for a number of animals to thrive including chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, deer, and especially birds.

Redtail Hawk Cincinnati Ohio

Here our Native Red-Shouldered Hawk takes off after being perched atop the neighbor’s high powered radio antenna where seconds earlier two Red-Shouldered Hawks perched moments before I got there, one flew off.  These two pictures are of the same Red-Shouldered Hawk taking off of the radio antenna.

Common birds in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Among the many species and types of birds that live in Cincinnati, Oh. are:

The blue and white Mockingbird

Three species of woodpecker.

Red-Shouldered hawk:

Barred Owl:


Blue Jays:

This Guy??

blue-pecker-finch-like-bird blue-woodpecker-home-dexter-windown

Can you #namethisbird

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  1. The tree clinging little bird is a White-breasted Nuthatch. The hawk pictures are not a Red-tailed Hawk. They are actually a Red-shouldered hawk.

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