Southern Ohio Owl Barred Owl

Urban Barred Owls in Cincinnati

For two years my baby’s mama and I would hear the call of a Barred Owl, one of several owls that inhabit Ohio.  But despite our attempts we never saw one.

The Barred Owl pictured lives near an urban bird sanctuary in Walnut Hills, very close to Owl’s Nest Park on Madison Ave.  There are Redtail Hawks, Deer, Chipmunks, Rabbits, Mice, Squirrels, Woodpeckers, in the woods along the Ohio River.

Today a predator stood just outside our window in the hallow of a tree cut down with disease; a perfectly covered hallow on three sides providing shelter from attack while looking in our window.   A squirrel teamed up with a highly vocal bird and they screamed a warning out to all.  Their bark continuous, their warning a siren that did not go off.

Enjoy The Pictures.   owl-sun-tree-med owl pan-owl-tree- profile-sun-owl-2 Profile-owl-2014-jan-tree sun-profile-owl owl-looking-around owl-sun-best-4 Owl-Dexter-home-2014 owl-awake-open-eyes-night sun-owl-best-beak- owl-sun-best-focus

9 thoughts on “Urban Barred Owls in Cincinnati”

  1. I just moved to Covington KY and we have one Barred Owls leaving in our greenbelt. You can really hear them at night and see him/her during the day.

    1. Hey Megan. The owls are in their mating season, actually they are near the end of their mating season; during this time they are very vocal. A lot more than normal. We are glad you’re here, there are actually a lot of birds of prey in the Ohio River Valley. Have you seen any Bald Eagles around here yet? BTW, what’s a greenbelt?

  2. Hey Mark! A greenbelt is the space of wooded area in between two homes. It can be very small or large. In my case it is pretty small not very dense since I live in an urban area. I have not seen any bald eagles I had no idea that they were in this area. My roommate and I counted two barred eagles. They keep their distance from each other and are still very vocal so I doubt that they are mating. But again I have no idea about owls and how they mate

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